Saturday, April 14, 2012

Question 1

The terms “differentiated and academically challenging” and “rigorous curricula” are synonymously used within this kit. How do you define “differentiated curriculum” and how do the kit’s principles (page IX) and your definition mesh?


  1. I define differentiated curriculum as giving students varied ways to take in and produce classwork at all different levels. The students are still responsible for the same material, but can receive the information in varied ways with different levels of support.

    The kit's definition says that "Differentiation is defined by: (A) whwat type of curriculum is best designed to meet the academic, social, economic characteristics of gifted and advanced learners."

    The greatest difference between by brief definition and the book's long one is that the book focuses on the gifter and advanced learners. I guess I need to focus on them as well due to the topic of this class.

  2. I define differentiated curriculum as creating lessons to meet the needs of my studnents. All of the lessons cover the same content, but at different levels. My advanced group may need extensions, and my lower group may need the information presented in a basic format with hands-on manipulatives.

    The kit defines differentiated curriculum defines differentiation curriculum as: 1.having a set of cleary articulated objectives 2. made available to all students, including gifted and advanced learners using a range of materials with assistance from teachers, parents and peers 3.demands teacher intervention to be implementend appropriately

    It feel comfortable with my understanding of differentiation. It looks like I need to be more detailed with my planning. I also think I can pull more resources. I didn't really have very many parents come in this past year. However, I will be self contained this upcoming year which will make it easier to have parents involved. I would also like to work on having more peer lessons.

  3. I define differentiated curriculum as creating lessons, stations, and projects to meet the various needs and learning styles of my students. The lessons, stations, and projects cover the same content/skills, but with differentiation, the students have the opportunity to receive the information in a variety of ways that meet their individual needs.

    The kit defines differentiated curriculum as: 1. built on the foundation of core curriculum to meet the academic, social, economic and linguistic characteristics of all students including gifted and advanced learners. 2. How? Where? When? the curriculum is taught and delivered to students. 3. Teachers must appropriately plan a set of clearly articulated objectives and then include support from a range of materials to successfully implement curriculum.

    I feel that every year I continue to grow as an educator and learn ways of successfully implementing a differentiated curriculum into my lessons to meet the needs of all my students. I feel very confident in using differentiation to meet the academic characteristics of my learners, but realize I need to focus on their social, economic and linguistic characteristics as well. I also feel that I need to gather and use a wider range of materials to better support my more rigorous lessons.