Saturday, April 14, 2012

Question 2

How will the stated objectives for the kit (page I) assist in the learning process of gifted students?


  1. If students are aware of the objectives, they have a better understanding of what they are to be learning. The content objectives are important. Information needs to be relevant to the learners.

  2. The stated objectives for the kit fall right in line with our desire to create lessons with more rigor and relavance. When gifted students are given the opportunity to have more rigor and relavance in the classroom, their needs are being meet to a more specific degree.

  3. The stated objectives will provide the students with lessons that are developed based on their interest and potential. This creates lessons that are more rigorous and relavant which increases the thinking and learning power in our classrooms. It also gives more opportunities for our gifted students to have a more successful learning experience in the classroom.