Monday, April 30, 2012

Question 6

Do you think the authors Curriculum Kit introduced new ideas and provided challenging curriculum through the use of differentiated instruction that meet the educational needs of gifted students? Why or Why not?


  1. I believe the form of the curriculum kit was a new way of organizing a curriculum, possibly easier for the teacher. There is definitely room for differentiation in using it. It would meet the needs of the gifted and also have a good level for the students that have accommodations in the classroom.

  2. Honestly this book, the curriculum kit, was so different than everything I have seen so far that I had trouble understanding how to use it when I first received the kit. When I attended the session, things had gotten much clearer. I like the way that the kit is not subject specific. It can be taught in any classroom, language arts, music, math etc. Also it is applicable to all learners. The way students’ response to the question (or the activity on the catalyst cards) allows differentiation in many different levels while meeting the needs of all students.

  3. Yes I do think the kit meets the needs of gt students. I like how the kit provides creative lesson ideas on various levels. My 4th graders were very capable of the various tasks. The kit provides students with the ability to own their learning, which is a compenent of differentiation. The students are able to get motivated because they have choices and their interests are met. The lessons do not require constant supervision but rather teacher intervention. The students can use a variety of materials for support...this could be from home and/or school.
    Differentiation is proven when the products are displayed. The students needs are met because the objective stays the same but the outcome/products do not. The students are given the freedom to create various evidence while all learning the same content.

  4. I do feel that this kit meets the needs of gifted and advanced learners by offering lessons and tasks that follow the true definition of differentiation. It provides lessons that spark the student's interest and enables them to take complete ownership in their learning. This kit's lessons offer clearly stated objectives that reinforces and extends the learning of the required core curriculum. When reading through the book, and after I did my lesson from the kit, I was reminded that the teacher is not directing the lesson, but instead to be there for interventions when needed.

    Next year I am excited about trying the tasks as station work on a menu contract. This will allow the students who are working from that particular contract to work indpendently while I am pulling small groups.

  5. (My previous user name was R Gtz, for some reason Google changed it to my old user name Rafael, which I will continue using.)

    Yes, I definitely think that the Curriculum Kit primarily designed for GT students, is a newer way to approach the needs of these students. I think it is very clear, practical, meaningful, useful and easy to use once you understand its design. The kit design is completely different of anything else I have seen, and once you understand how it works, it turns out to be a very smart, easy to use kit with a wide range of possibilities to use, not mention its application to any subject. I think the creators of this kit not only provide challenging curriculum throughout use of the differentiated instruction, but they made it relevant and presented it in a very clever, still friendly user way. It demonstrates complete understanding of the needs of GT students, as well as solid knowledge of the curriculum. It is an unusually practical effective and useful way to approach the needs of advanced and GT students.