Monday, April 23, 2012

Question 3

What are your first thoughts regarding the use of the three types of curricular materials (i.e. the Lesson, the Catalyst Cards, and the Curriculum Grids) created to promote teaching and the learning of the objective?


  1. 3. I like the format of the lesson, Catalyst Cards and Curriculum Grids. The questions on the catalyst cards really get the students thinking about the topic of the lesson before going into the lesson. Kind of like essential question used in social studies units. I think the cards are interchangeable with the grids and the units can be taught at a much deeper level.

  2. My first thought is that the lessons, cards and grids are set up in a teacher and student friendly way. Once you learn the system, you are set to go. I tend to make everything complicated and the students have to learn a new way of doing something with each new project. This kit's way keeps everything aligned.

  3. I like the clarity of the lesson. It offers clearly stated objectives and how to integrate the lesson. After reading through the lessons, I realized that I touch on many of these ideas by teaching from the core curriculum, but now I have materials to extend and enrich my lessons even further. In my classroom the catalyst cards will be a great addition to my station contract or rotations. The catalyst cards will be another tool to allow the students to become successful self directed learners, but also provide them with the opportunity to affectively work with others. The various recored keeping worksheets allow the students to organize and carefully plan their goals that they need to acheive for each task.